Judges’ Q&A: John Woods

Judges’ Q&A: John Woods

Experienced technology CEO, CTO and serial technology entrepreneur John Woods speaks to the UXUK Awards team. Giving his thoughts on UX innovation, the Founder of iJento explains the need for agility in design and divulges his hopes for a future enhanced by telekinesis.

  1. Have you got a favourite app / website in terms of the design and user experience?

    I really like the Rightmove app – does exactly what is needed. A lot of apps feel like cut-down versions of the website, but the Rightmove app does everything I need.

  2. Which industries, in your opinion, tend to deliver the worst user experiences, and why?

    That’s a tricky one. I feel it’s a bit unfair to single out a particular industry as every industry has good and bad. But if you push me to pick one, I think financial services still lags the user experience field. A big reason for that is that financial services companies are naturally risk averse so UX innovation is slow for them.

  3. What has been the greatest game changer in the UX and usability sectors over the past 10 years?

    Hah – mobile! (I bet everyone will say that.) Mobile has not only created new technical challenges but it’s given rise to huge innovation in UX and the best apps have raised the bar for everything else by increasing users’ expectations. Good thing too!

  4. What do you think are the biggest challenges companies face utilising UX?

    Many companies still lack the agility to make changes often enough. It doesn’t matter how many brilliant ideas for improvements come from the UX team if they can’t be tested and implemented quickly enough.

  5. Do you have any UX pet peeves?

    Over-dramatic error messages like “Battery status critical” J.

  6. If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

    Telekinesis, though I would only use it to press the buttons on pedestrian crossings a few seconds before I arrive.