Judge’s Q&A: Jack Holmes

Judge’s Q&A: Jack Holmes

Judge: Jack Holmes
Role: Digital UX Lead at Nationwide Building Society

  1. Do you have a favourite app & website in terms of the design and user experience?

    Gourmet Burger Kitchen app. It’s one of those apps that has a bit of personality. You know someone has taken the time not just to create a usable app, but achieved what so many of us aim for: delight.

    The first time I ordered a take away, I won a reward, free bacon sauce with my next order. Who doesn’t love free bacon sauce? That’s what I call a delightful experience. It remembers my favorite orders automatically, reminds me that I usually order the honey comb shake when I order the taxi driver burger. (If you’ve tried one of their honey comb shakes you’ll know why this feature is so important). They’re rolling out the ‘order from your table’ feature so you don’t have to get up to order, of course it remembers your payment details and most importantly I’m only 1 order away from a free burger.

    It’s the integration with the whole customer experience that makes this app so great.

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