Judge’s Q&A: Claire Lowe

Judge’s Q&A: Claire Lowe

Judge: Claire Lowe
Role: Head of Brand & Design at WWF UK

  1. Do you have a favourite app & website in terms of the design and user experience?

    Houzz is gorgeous. And I can get lost in Pinterest for hours if I’m not careful. 

  1. Which industries, in your opinion, tend to deliver the worst user experiences, and why?

    Banks. Their naming conventions are terrible. Logins are nightmarish. They think they don’t need to bother as the hassle of changing your bank is too great. 

  2. What has been the greatest game changer in the UX and usability sectors over the past 10 years?

    Smart phones & 3G. Setting expectations on all devices to be top notch, speedy and usable in tiny dimensions. 

  3. What do you think are the biggest challenges companies face utilising UX?

    Persuading budget holders that it’ll deliver ROI

  4. Do you have any UX pet peeves?

    Sites that still make you re-enter details into forms if you ‘get it wrong’

  5. If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

    Stop climate change and save the planet for generations to come.