The Event

What are the UXUK Awards?

The User Experience UK Awards recognise excellence in user-focused digital or service design. They are a celebration of great and innovative UX offerings from organisations that take pride in offering the best possible online or joined-up experience.

When are the 2017 UXUK Awards Presented?

Thursday 9th November 2017, from 18:00 - 20:30

Where are the 2017 UXUK Awards?

At The Crypt on the Green, St James Clerkenwell, Clerkenwell Close London, EC1R 0EA

Who can attend?

Spaces for the UXUK Awards event are limited and therefore primacy is given to entrants, with those shortlisted being priority attendees.
However, non-entrants are welcome to apply for tickets to attend.

How much are tickets?

The tickets to attend the 2017 UXUK Awards are free!

Submitting an Entry

Who can submit entries for nomination?

Nominations are open to anyone recently involved in a user-centric project. This can be your own project or one you fancy. You can be a client, agency, company, designer, department manager or university student.

Can I nominate more than one project / piece of work?

Yes! Simply hit the “+” on the ‘Submit your entry’ page.

Does the project / work I nominate need to have been completed within the year of the Awards (2016 – 2017)?

For UXUK Awards 2017 we have been much more stringent on this, requiring nominations to have been launched/created/started/finished/enacted/etc.in 2016 – 2017.

How are the Award recipients determined? Who selects the winners?

The Award winners are determined by the judging panel.

After the application deadline, the judges review all submissions and determine a shortlist of no more than 5 nominees in each category. This shortlist will be announced by the end of September and the nominees informed immediately. Next the judges meet to critically discuss the nominations within the context of the category. Following this discussion the judges then cast their votes thus determining the recipient of the award. The winners will be announced at the Awards ceremony and a list placed online after the awards.

What criteria will be considered by the judges during the selection process?

See our guide to the judging criteria.

How many UXUK Awards are presented? What are the categories?

In 2017 we are awarding 10 different categories. Learn more about the award categories.

Do I nominate myself for a specific category?

When you place your entry you can give a guide to the judges of the category you think fits your project best. However, the ultimate decision is up to the judges.

How many categories can I be nominated for?

You can be nominated for 1 or all 10 categories. The possibilities are endless!

How do I submit my project/company/work for nomination?

For submission guidelines, easy to follow steps, and the online submission form please refer to our how to enter guide.

Do I have to pay for submission?

Student entries are free! There is an Early Bird discount of 40% until the 17th of August, 2017. This brings the price for entry to £30. After this date, the entry fee will be £50.

Are UK-based projects the only work eligible?

The UXUK Awards celebrates projects/work rolled out in the UK. This can be any company, client or designer - international or local.

Is there a monetary award?

No. There is no cash prize for winning a UXUK Award. Winners receive a UXUK trophy and any sponsored prizes.

What is the timeline for nomination submission?

All nominations must be completed and submitted by Thursday 21st September 2017.

Will I be able to edit my nomination after I submit it?

Unfortunately, in the name of fair competition, all submissions are final.

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