2017 Winners

Best User Experience

Winner of category:

The Best User Experience Award is the one to win. Presented to the very best of the best, this award honours the most inspiring and user-focused site, app or service.

We’re proud to announce that the 2017 winner is The Beano. It’s a very difficult task to move from an archaic (yet established) medium such as print to the digital space and provide a truly new experience for users. The judges also applauded their emphasis on content; they didn’t just reskin the existing, they reimagined and created. They also managed to successfully test the app with children – no easy feat in itself!

Best Entertainment and Leisure Experience

Winner of category:

This award is presented to the most user-centric leisure or entertainment experience. Our judges were also looking for great usability, evidence of emotional design, and an element of gamification.

2017’s entry by The Beano encompassed all of those things. Well curated, genuine and funny, the site (designed for children) was a delight to use. In addition, Beano did lots of research and testing with their key demographic, which really paid off: the site saw a seven-fold increase in monthly traffic and over 2,000 new pieces of content were created.

Shortlisted for category

BT TV BT TV Next Generation Ecosystem
Thomson and First Choice TUI Group
YouView YouView TV LTD

Best Not-for-Profit

Winner of category:

Not all user experience work is undertaken to increase the bottom line, and that’s why we created the Best Not For Profit category. This award rewards the not-for-profit website, app or service that proved to be empowering, inspirational and, very importantly, trustworthy to its users.

Daybook is a digital diary for people with learning disabilities. They can use videos, pictures or text to describe how they are feeling – whether it’s sad or happy. What really stood out for the judges was the testing that was undertaken: it was very thorough and they did a co-design working with people who had a range of learning disabilities and designed the whole thing with the user in mind. The final product differed from the original brief, but through research, it developed into a fully user centred product.

Shortlisted for category

Crohn’s and Colitis UK Electric Putty
Greenpeace UK and Forward Action
Pulmonary Nodule Risk App Cancer Research UK
Victoria and Albert Museum

Best Public Sector

Winner of category:
Camden GP Website

This category recognises the app, website or service that presents information clearly and in an easy to access way. In addition, the judges wanted to see an app that engaged with the public through the design process and demonstrate savings to the public.

The Camden GP Website put all the key information needed by GP’s about clinical services and referral pathways in a single website, which they could access with a patient in the room – making consultant times much faster and more efficient. The website was developed with a local agency as well as in-house staff at a very low cost, and the site is being resold to other Clinical Commissioning Groups – delivering further value to the public.

Shortlisted for category

Birmingham City Council
Bridge Devon Partnership NHS Trust
Royal Navy e3
Sheffield City Council Bunnyfoot
Transport for Greater Manchester Valtech

Best Transactional Experience

Winner of category:

The Best Transactional Experience category showcases the most user-focused experience when consumers are purchasing goods or services online. The key is that the experience is efficient and very easy to use.

For these reasons, the judges felt that the EasyJet Travel App was 2017’s clear winner. Since the app’s inception, EasyJet have continued to innovate: it began as a fairly basic app, but now have implemented features such as Apple Pay and the ability to show travellers what gate they need to go to when at the airport. The app is incredibly easy to use and tangibly improves its users experiences in the offline world – something that’s clear to see when you consider use of mobile boarding passes increased 63% year-on-year.

Shortlisted for category

AA’s New Digital World Rufus Leonard
Barclaycard UK
Halifax Lloyds Banking Group
Laundrapp Cherish PR
Metro Bank Mobile App Deloitte Digital & Metro Bank
MORE TH>N Hood Group

Best Effect on Business Goals

Winner of category:
Just Eat

A great customer experience often results in great return on investment. To win this category, our judges wanted to see not only a positive impact on the project’s KPIs (e.g. profit; conversions etc.), but also evidence of research to better understand its users.

Just Eat set out to empower their restaurant partners to grow their businesses and deliver a better service – and that’s exactly what they did. The research they conducted was thorough, including interviews, observation, personas and testing. All of this resulted in some truly impressive figures, such as 300% growth in engagement with partner centres, and significant increases in many restaurant’s performance scores (rated by users).

Shortlisted for category

Aviva Sales Hub Ethology Agency
easyJet Bunnyfoot
EDF Energy
National Trust Holidays Manifesto

Best Innovation

Winner of category:
Age UK – Call in time

This award shines the spotlight on the most intelligent, ground-breaking innovation in building a service, app or website that is focused around customer or audience needs and aims to make the world a better place – not just innovation for innovation’s sake.

There are over 1.2 million older people in England who are lonely – but Age UK wants to put a stop to this through their telephone befriending service, ‘Call in Time’. Through this service, volunteers sign up online to make a weekly half-hour phone call to an older person (who they’re matched with using dating profiling technology!) to chat, discuss, befriend and enlighten each other’s lives. The project was so successful, Age UK was inundated with over 2,600 volunteers signing up.

Best Information Experience

Winner of category:

The Best Information Experience category recognises the app, website or service (in any industry) that presents information clearly, in an easy-to-access way and has a great user experience.

Bimco’s website is the world’s largest shipping association, and their website – which has over 300,000 pages – acts as a vital resource for their members around the world. Despite the high volume of content, the categorisation and search functionality enable users to find the resources they need with ease. The subject matter is very specialist, and the process that Bimco and agency Bunnyfoot went through – online surveys, user interviews, persona work, card sorting, tree testing and remote usability testing with members from around the world – was flawless.

Shortlisted for category

Aggreko Rufus Leonard
Fidelity International
Pablo’s Art World Adventure BBC
The British Library, Open Archive Mars Spiders

Best Education or Learning Experience

Winner of category:

The winner of this year’s Best Education or Learning Experience award was able to showcase the most successful example of a service that both educates its users and delivers an excellent learning experience.

Kallidus had a 15 year-old learning platform that was used by over 1 million people, but had had no real design attention since launch. Kallidus went through a great User Centred Design process, from low-fidelity sketches to an interactive prototype, to usability lab testing. They even tested the prototype with more than 50 users of the existing product – many of whom signed up for the new product there and then! Kallidus delivered over £1.2 million of new sales, and more than doubled engagement on both tablet (4% to 10%) and mobile (2.5% to 36%!).

Shortlisted for category

Centaur Media; Online Classroom MMT Digital
Detective Dot Salesforce
Jolly Music Player Jolly Learning Ltd

Best Student Project

Winner of category:
Entice, Engage, Educate

This category recognises excellence in a user-focused app, website or service created by a student or student team. Unlike the other categories, student entries do not need to be live or in beta form: they can be ideas, wireframes or complete products or services.

Entice, Engage, Educate is a set of physical installations in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, which incorporates wildlife data recorded at the site to encourage members of the public to learn more about bats and their environment. This project was designed to educate the public about the benefits of bats in the urban environment. A full User Centred Design process was followed, starting with in-depth interviews and data exploration, progressing through to prototypes at increasing levels of fidelity, tested at each stage. 93% of users stated they had learned something new about bats by interacting with the installation, and 71% stated they liked bats more after the experience.

Shortlisted for category

Goo City University London
NoobLab: An e-learning management platform Kingston University

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