Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions upon which each entry to the UXUK Awards shall be subject. If the United Kingdom User Experience Awards (“we“, ” us“, “our“, or “UXUK“) accept an entrant’s (“you“, “your“, “yourself” or “entrant“) entry, you will be bound by these terms and conditions and your entry shall be considered and judged in accordance with these terms. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and such changes shall be deemed notified to you by their publication online.

UXUK Awards Entry Formalities

  1. By entering you confirm that you accept these terms and conditions and you have the agreement of all parties associated with the project that the submission be made.
  2. In order to validly enter the UXUK Awards, each entrant must be over the age of 18. All Entries must be submitted in the English language via the online entry form on the website.
  3. All entries must be live projects or at beta stage and able to be accessed by the general public at the time of entry.*
  4. All login/access details must be provided for the entry if it is a membership-based entry and must be fully accessible for judging.
  5. All entries must be from United Kingdom-based individuals, companies or their branches and for the use of United Kingdom customers or users.
  6. Each entry must be completed in full and received by UXUK on or before 16:30 (UK time) on Friday 27th September 2019.
  7. In the event that an entry is inaccurate or incomplete, does not comply with these conditions for entry or is deemed, at the sole discretion of UXUK, ineligible for any other reason, then the relevant entry will be disqualified.
  8. The sponsors, associated companies and partners may make mention of, use the contact details of and promote the UXUK Awards at the discretion of UXUK prior to and following entry of all entrants.
  9. Any publication, mention or promotion of the UXUK Awards must be approved in writing by the UXUK Awards.
  10. Previous relationships, future relationships or any existing interaction may not have any bearing on entries, entrants or entry requirements between sponsors, judges, speakers, UXUK Awards and any company or person associated with the event.
  11. You may submit any number of entries to the UXUK Awards.
  12. Your entry may qualify for multiple award categories.
  13. You may make more than one entry in any given Category.
  14. Any “saved” entries must be completed prior to the closing date of the UXUK Awards. Entries are only complete once they have gone through the final review stage of entry process and these terms and conditions have been accepted.
  15. Once your entry has been “entered” there can be no alterations or additions. All entries are final.
  16. Any prior arrangements, agreements or contracts which in any way alter, undermine or contradict these terms and conditions are void and invalidated by entrants.

Terms of Payment

  • The entrant agrees to pay the price for the services according to the Terms of Payment as advertised on the website https://uxukawards.com/wordpress/
  • In the event that you do not comply with the Terms and Conditions we reserve the right to withhold the services. This may mean, but may not be limited to, any of the following – where this forms part of the agreement between both parties:
    • The entrant may not be considered as Shortlisted or a Winner
    • The entrant may not have their profile listed on the web site nor use the assets for the UXUK Awards for publicity
    • The entrant may not attend the UXUK Awards
    • The entrant acknowledges that failure to submit UXUK Awards Forms according to the rules and guidelines does not cancel the agreement between the both parties.

This means that we will continue to collect payment whether an entrant participates or not, once they have been provided with an invoice or submitted payment unless:

The entrant cancels within 14 days, in the case of credit cards, of making payment or in the case of receiving an invoice, the date of our invoice. HOWEVER:

  • No refunds will be given within 30 days of the date of entries closing or the UXUK Awards Finals and Presentations
  • In the case of Credit Card refunds 5% of the amount or £15 will be charged for a refund.

* Best Student Project: These entries are held to all of the above terms and conditions, except for number 3. There are also additional terms and conditions which must be adhered to:

  1. The student must be in undergraduate/postgraduate university level at a UK university and this project is not for a company but is part of a university related project or an independent idea.
  2. Unlike all other entries, student entries do not need to be complete in live or in beta form, however the judges must have full functional access to the entry
  3. The entry can be formed ideas/wireframes OR complete products/services

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